• 10/3/2020
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In the condition of complicated development caused by Covid-19, HASKY JSC cooperated with member units to actively implement measures to prevent and control the disease.

Accordingly, HASKY carried out disinfectants spraying in all areas of the company, at the same time, applying various support and propaganda methods such as instruction posters, strictly checking the body temperature of staffs and clients , supervising mask wearing and hand washing with an antiseptic solution for employees as well as clients.

In addition, all HASKY employees perform their own medical declaration and clients coming to work. During this period, the departments restrict visitors, especially visitors from the affected regions/countries. In particular, HASKY also requires employees to wear masks when working, absolutely not talking in the elevator, not shaking hands in meetings, events and in the office.

HASKY employees prevent the spread of the disease together in the workplace with the core goal of ensuring that HASKY GROUP has no cases of suspicion or infection of Covid -19, contributing to completing the tasks of production and trading in 2020.


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