HASKY GROUP was established in 2007, specialized in architecture, manufacturing and constructing aluminum and glass products in Vietnam HASKY is one of the most prestigious construction company leading in the market with strong foundation and pioneering, stable business model.

With a strong financial foundation, a modern factory and a creative team leaders, experienced and well trained engineers, workers, HASKY GROUP is highly appreciated by clients for technological solutions, measures and construction quality. Especially high-tech and aesthetic projects such as facade glass walls, aluminum ceiling systems, aluminum cladding, etc. For office buildings, airports, center malls, hotels and condominiums ...

Pioneering in the application of new materials in the field of finishing construction architecture, with the highest responsibility, keeping abreast of work, meeting construction progress.




  • Leading the field of civil & industrial construction
  • Pioneer in applying new technology, new materials in designing, interior finishing with luxurious, durable and environmentally friendly products.




  • Bring satisfaction to customers for each product.
  • Always offer the most reasonable, economical and suitable solutions for each customer. 




  • Create a distinctive corporate culture..
  • Product quality will make the enterprise value, brand value.
  • Build trust of customers on the basis of the responsibility of the enterprise for each product.