Stick Curtain Wall

STICK is a popular CURTAIN WALL product. With practical design, time saving, economical and all-terrain available, STICK is particularly popular in designing civil works, especially low-level and simple projects don’t require bearing capacity due to the wide view range and glass plate weight.

If the SEMI-UNITIZED and UNITIZED system have to proccess at the factory one part or all, the STICK system is more flexible because all the assembly between aluminum and glass is installed at the project site. On the other hand, many projects that require strict product quality management, the clients request the STICK system has to be mounted  at the factory.


  • Safe structure and well waterproof
  • Flexibility in delivery and installationt
  • Suitable for all types of building exterior surfaces, especially constructions require higher sophisticated surface, with many connection joints.


  • More difficult to control product quality at the construction site.
  • Requiring many construction stages at sites.
  • The installation is carried out from the outside of the building that request many lifting and swinging equipments.
  • Requiring a large warehouse space at site to store materials during construction.