• 12/12/2019
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On December 7th, 2019, at HASKY GROUP's Factory, HASKY JSC solemnly held the 12th Anniversary of the Company's establishment.

This is a spiritual mark to summarize the journey of operation and development over the past 12 years, and is also an opportunity to express the gratitude to the employees who have worked with and accompanied HASKY GROUP.

Over 12 years of operation, HASKY GROUP has gradually affirmed its capacity on the path to becoming one of a leading reputable companies in the field of architectural consultancy, manufacturing and installation of aluminum and glass in Vietnam.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Dao Van Kien, Chairman of BOD, emphasized that HASKY GROUP is the place built by the enthusiasm, intellect, effort and affection of the Board of Directors as well as the entire staff. The Chairman also hoped that HASKY GROUP would continue to promote the achievements, build a united group, bring the company's brand name to the region and the world.

During the anniversary, there were performances of HASKY GROUP members who really brought a lively and attractive atmosphere. Without the timidity and apprehension of the first time on stage, they were completely burned through the singing and the music.

Also within the framework of the anniversary, many activities took place very excitingly, attracted the enthusiastic participation of staff such as soccer, games requiring ingenuity and ability to handle situations of each individual. Especially, the painting "Fingerprint" has been dotted by members to create solidarity and unanimity of everyone. The picture is a sincere thanks from all employees to the Board of Directors and shows solidarity and creativity.

HASKY GROUP's 12-year anniversary ceremony was held in a warm, harmonious atmosphere, showing the solidarity and solidarity of all employees. With 12 years of establishment and development, HASKY GROUP can be proud of the achievements and has more bases and confidence in the future of sustainable development.

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