Semi-Unitized Curtain Wall

SEMI-UNITIZED is the combination between  UNITIZED and STICK. Semi-Unitized is both united, seamless as Unitized and flexible, all-terrains available as STICK. In Vietnam, SEMI-UNITIZED is an innovative solution for architects because of the trend in using complex and multi-angled architectures for building wall systems.

Different from UNITIZED, all solid PANELS are manufactured entirely in the factory before being delivered to project sites, SEMI-UNITIZED manyfacturing proccess includes 2 parts. The entire aluminum frame is divided into Main Frame and Support Frame are linked together by hooks. The main aluminum frame is manufactured and delivered to instal at sites as STICK system, the Support Aluminum frame is assembled with the Glass Panels at the Factory and then hooked to the Main Aluminum Frame at site.

Similar to the STICK system, the SEMI-UNITIZED is a solid "CURTAIN WALL" seamlessly with the main frame of the building, so there is no anti-earthquake criteria like UNITIZED.


  • Easy quality management because panels are mass produced at the factory

  • Fast an accurate assembled

  • High safety, stability and weather resistance.

  • Suitable with sofisticated architecture buildings.


  • Request longer construction time and more personel than other curtain wall systems

  • High cost for installing, only suitable for complex construction works.